New York Times Best Selling Books

Become a New York Times Bestselling Author

(And even hit the other bestsellers lists too)

This full-service packages can help you grow an audience and then transform that audience into a book-buying army who will propel your book onto the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists.

Long after the book campaign, your army will still be there, motivated to buy your products and services.

This service is for authors who want to explode their exposure and are ready to marshal the resources necessary to build a serious campaign that lands their book on one or all of the most prestigious bestseller lists.

These campaigns are for those who realize that it is the author who sells his or her own books, and this requires more than handing a book to a publisher and hoping the book-buying public takes notice. We help authors who want to build their brand and their business by disseminating their ideas and message—and who recognize the need for the level of expertise delivered from the foremost book-marketing company in the world.

These campaigns are ideal for:

  • Coaches who have the ability to consider a business marketing cost that will catapult speakers and information entrepreneurs (or infopreneurs) who make their living selling knowledge, information, insights, and ideas.
  • Philanthropists, provocateurs, various professionals, political leaders, impresarios, and world changers in general who wish to propel their message out to the widest possible audience through the publication of a highly successful book and the high profile it offers.

This service is your passport to make a name, make a difference, and make a fortune in the world.

Becoming a New York Times bestseller represent the pinnacle of success. The New York Times bestseller list is the most prestigious such list in the world. It nearly guarantees a step forward in an ambitious coach’s plan for success. Here is a full package for editing, design, e-book conversion to create a New York Times bestselling book.

New York Times Best-seller: $349,000 + $40,000 in bonuses

  • E-pub conversion fee-$1500
  • Printing 35,000 copies: (35,000 black & white $2.50 per book [varies based on length, hardcover vs. paperback], color ads @ fifty cents to a dollar per book extra]: $87,500
  • TWC Press fee: $70,000+ ($2 per book)
  • Co-op: Optional $100,000+
  • Production: $35,000
    • Cover Design
    • Internal design and epub conversion
    • Content Editing
  • New York Times, USA Today & Wall Street journal Best-seller- $55,00,000 + $60,000 ($20,000 per list) bonus
  • E-book requirement: $35,000
    • We guarantee you 10,000 sales of a $0.99 e-book
    • Data Entry of giving 10,000 copies away
    • Set-up
    • Bonuses for e-book and print book are combined (no duplication)

New York Times, USA Today & WSJ Print Criteria

  • Author guarantees 20,000 sales at retail price of printed book (this is not included in the overall number)
  • Includes Marketing/Pre-sales Planning
  • Processing sales through reporting retailers like Amazon, B&N, BAM, Hudson’s & Independents

This plan involves creating a New York Times bestseller, and also creating a web platform as well as a dynamic social media presence (we call this Platform in a Box). It is a soup-to-nuts book and content-creation package.

Do you want to write a book, are you writing a book, or have you written one? Do you want to enter the elite group of authors who are New York Times Bestsellers? Tell us about your book, and let us determine if you have what it takes to be a TWC Press author.

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