Roger has assembled a team experience and successful publishing and marketing pros to lead TWC press, and his coaches to the bestseller lists and beyond.

Anthony C. Garcia

Head Copywriter and Web Planner

Anthony brings a long track record of success to the table with his experience as a marketing strategist, consultant, and seasoned writer. His experience, insight, and direct approach have helped numerous entrepreneurs enjoy explosive growth.

After spending 15 years in broadcast management and production, Anthony worked with Roy H. Williams, a.k.a. the Wizard of Ads. While at Wizard of Ads, Anthony wrote hundreds of ads, developed marketing and branding strategies, and handled multi-million-dollar marketing budgets for clients including Leo Schachter Diamonds. Anthony specialized in developing successful brands through a creative blend of approaches designed to get results.

Anthony has also worked with companies like WebEx, Universal Orlando, HP, and several other Fortune 500 companies. Anthony’s deep knowledge of and experience with human behavioral practices has made him one of the leading experts in how customers behave online.

In 2014, Anthony co-authored Buyer Legends: The Executive Storyteller’s Guide, a book that outlined a process for using the power of storytelling to create powerful and measurable customer experiences.

When Anthony isn’t working, he spends way too much time binging on Netflix and searching for the perfect tamale recipe. Anthony lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, daddying his kids and spending time with his longtime pet rock, Sebastion. #LongLiveSebastion

Bob Hughes

Chief Writer

Bob Hughes was a longtime reporter for the Wall Street Journal, where he wrote about music, books, theater, art and philanthropy. He is the author of the novels Late and Soon and The Rectory, and has finished a play, Sight Lines, about the old televised game show What’s My Line and the last days of its star panelist, the reporter and columnist Dorothy Kilgallen.

After he left the Wall Street Journal, Bob began working as a freelance writer and earns a living as a ghostwriter for entrepreneurs and businesspeople while serving as an occasional cultural correspondent for newspapers such as the Observer and websites such as Classical TV.

In 2010, he began dividing his time between New York and Paris.

Bob recounts his life in Paris as a part-time transplant in a blog, “Parisian in Purpose,” which explores how he navigates daily life in a different culture and language as he broadens his perspective on the wider world.

Bob has worked on several best-selling books, including those by Peter Diamandis (Abundance) and Nik Halik and Garrett Gunderson (5 Day Weekend).

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