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The Winner's Circle International, Inc. (TWC) is an international organization of top achievers in business working together to accomplish more personally and professionally. Our members are highly successful entrepreneurs, business owners & investors from various industries.

Roger Salam, the Master of Relationships, founded TWC Press to help his top thought leaders reach a new level of recognition and prestige that only becoming a bestselling author can provide.

TWC Press is currently seeking thought leaders like you, who have what it takes to produce, promote, and profit from co-authoring a book with Roger himself. If you are accepted as an author, we offer a wide range of publishing plans to fit your budget and business goals.

If you have always dreamed of becoming a published bestselling author, and you desire the professional and personal acclaim that comes with it, we encourage you to research the different publishing models to help determine which best fits your ambitions.

If you need help writing your book, editing your manuscript, and building the marketing resources needed to propel your book to the bestseller lists, we can help.

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